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It is important that we place signs on high traffic roads. Contact us if you want Scamp and Lola to come put one up.

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Check your voter registration status at
Check eligibility to vote at:

If you will turn 18 by November 6, 2018, you are eligible to register (your government or history teacher might even give extra credit). You can also learn where your precinct is located or how to register to vote absentee. Ballots will be sent out mid-October for your convenience.

For any questions, you can contact us through Facebook or Or you can contact the Flathead County Election Department at:
40 11th Street West, Suite 230
Kalispell, MT 59901

P (406) 758-5535
F (406) 758-5877


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Opening day of waterfowl season, a Clark family tradition. My son Will Clarkand me this morning on my dad’s land in West Valley. I have been hunting this field since I was young. Keeping the Montana hunting heritage alive.

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October 4, 2018

Do you know what services are provided by your county government? The many duties of the office require a qualified, hardworking individual. Tom Clark is never afraid to listen to the people and research the best solutions for the county.

The School District 5 board oversaw a similar number of responsibilities. There he was able to learn interpersonal skills that will seamlessly transfer to the Flathead County Commissioners board.

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October 4, 2018

Zebra mussels, potential oil spills from BNSF railcars, water bottling in areas not properly zoned for it, outdated mining practices, and poor long-term planning are all very real threats. The county commissioners need to seriously review disaster relief plans and invasive species prevention plans before it is too late. Anyone of these could cripple the economy of the valley.

Invest in our economy by investing in businesses that will be sustainable. Water will shape the future. Protecting it now creates safeguards for the future.

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October 4, 2018

Tom Clark is a proud Montana sportsman. He learned from his father and grandfather and he passed the tradition to his children. His respect for his home is unparalleled.

You can be assured that he will protect the heritage that shaped his life. An endorsement by Montana Sportsmen Alliance exemplifies the faith that has been placed in his character.
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March 8,2018
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October 3, 2018

The Flathead Valley’s true riches are its forests and waters. Our fortune lies in the rushing streams and towering pines. Each leaping trout or soaring eagle is a jewel to be admired.

Our economy reflects that. From tourism to logging, everything is affected by water. With this in mind, we must be careful of how we use it. Commercial endeavors should follow the laws, regulations, and public opinions of Montana. Sustainable enterprise is possible. The county government should support it and work to ensure the future of the Flathead will be prosperous.

Remember your childhood, your children’s. Now imagine how different it would be without our water.

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The county should never have allowed this plant to open until a legal decision was made about the zoning expansion. Once again the county has taken the side of a business interest over the people that live in these areas. Had the commissioners followed their own policies and regulations it never would have come to this. The commissioners need to held accountable to the people that elect them.

There is only a little time left before the election. The Flathead deserves leadership that will work for the people for the betterment of our future. Even if you can only spare an hour, it will make a difference.

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